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  2.6 We will co-operate fully with any law enforcement authorities or court order requesting or directing us to disclose the identity of, or locate, anyone posting any material in breach of this clause 3.
  We act as a passive medium for the online matching of transport service providers with those seeking transport services within the laws of Ireland with a view to entering into Transactions. We are not responsible for screening or monitoring material posted by users. MoveMarket does not exercise editorial control over the content of this website or other material created or accessible over or through this website. However, The Company retain the right to remove listings which are abusive, illegal or disruptive. We may take any action with respect to user submitted information that it deems necessary or appropriate in its sole discretion if it believes it may create liability for us.
  We are not a transportation service provider or intermediary of any sort. The Site acts as a channel through which transport service providers and Users can meet and enter into negotiations with a view to entering into transactions. We are in no way involved in the actual Transaction. We have no, and assume no, control over the quality, safety, or legal aspects of the Jobs and/or Transactions that take place through the Site. If you are a transport service provider you hereby agree that the Site is for transportation related services only and that work that you provide will only involve services. You also hereby agree that you are legally permitted to carry out services for which you make yourself available. By agreeing to this you are declaring that you are incompliance with all health and safety standards and legislation within the republic of Ireland and a current holder of a Public Service Vehicle (“PSV”) license.
  It is the responsibility of the User to select a suitable transport service provider for the provision of the Job and the responsibility of the User and the transport service provider to negotiate the terms of the Transaction. Nothing herein shall create or be deemed to create any joint venture, agency or partnership relationship between ourselves and any Members whatsoever. Members shall not hold themselves out as implying any such relationship with us.
  We do not therefore accept responsibility for the behaviour of users on the website or the information made available on this website by other users. Therefore, We do not guarantee or endorse the authenticity, quality, safety, insurance, membership of trade associations or legality of any services offered or sold, the truth or accuracy of any adverts, or the ability of participants to transact. The Company cannot guarantee that all transactions will be completed nor can we guarantee the ability or intent of users to fulfil their obligations in any transactions. Our role is to operate as a neutral channel through which transport service providers and Users may agree on a price for a Job.
  If The Company is notified by a user of this website that certain communications do not conform to these Terms and Conditions of Use, We may investigate the allegation and determine in good faith and at its sole discretion whether to remove or request the removal of the listing. The Company reserves the right to expel users and to prevent their further access to this website for violations of these Terms and Conditions of Use or the law.
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  You agree not to use this website to harvest or otherwise collect by any means any program material or information (including without limitation email addresses or details of other users) from this website or as otherwise authorised under these Terms and Conditions of Use or to monitor, mirror or copy any content of this website without the prior written consent of The Company.
  The pages contained in this website may contain technical inaccuracies and typographical errors. The information in this website may be updated from time to time but we do not accept any responsibility for keeping the information in these pages up-to-date nor any liability for any failure to do so. The Company make no representation as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the contents of this website or the advertisements posted on this website. The use of this website is at your own risk.
  The Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to pursue all of its legal remedies upon breach by you of these Terms and Conditions of Use, including but not limited to deletion of your postings from this website, immediate termination of your registration and restricting your ability to access this website, or if The Company is unable to verify or authenticate any information you submit to this website.
  Registration is not required if you only want to browse through the website. However, registration is required to place listings. In order to complete the registration you must choose a User ID and password. You will be asked to provide information such as your name, address, telephone number and email address. All information supplied must be complete and accurate. The Company may restrict the User ID or password you can choose. You are responsible for all actions taken under your account and you agree only to use or utilise this website using your own User ID and password. You must make reasonable efforts to keep your password safe and not disclose it to any other person or permit either directly or indirectly any other person to utilise your User ID or password. You agree to immediately notify The Company of any unauthorised use of your User ID and/or password. MoveMarket can terminate your registration without prior notice at the discretion of The Company. Only those in a position to form legally binding contracts under Republic of Ireland law may register. Registration is not open to persons aged under 18 or to any persons whose Membership has been suspended or terminated. If you are registering as a business entity, you represent that you have the authority to bind the entity to this Agreement. Each registration is for a single user only. We do not permit you to share your user name and password with any other person nor with multiple users on a network. Furthermore, your Membership may not be transferred to a third party.
  The Company may at any time, without notice to you, suspend or terminate your access to this website or any service forming part of this website, wholly or partially for any reason, including without limitation, where you are in breach of these Terms and Conditions of Use, or if we cannot verify or authenticate any information submitted to the website, or if for any reason we suspends or discontinue the website or this service, or is unable to supply a service to you. The Company is not liable to you or any third party for any suspension or termination of access to this website.
  This website contains links to third party websites. Your use of third party websites is subject to the terms and conditions of use contained within each of those websites. The Company is not responsible for the contents of any off site pages referenced or linked to. Access to any other website through this website is at your own risk. We are not responsible or liable for the accuracy of any information, data, opinions, statements made on these websites or the security of any link or communication with those websites. We reserve the right to terminate a link to a third party website at any time. The fact that we provide a link to a third party website does not mean that we endorse, authorise or sponsor that website, nor does it mean that we are affiliated with the third party websites, owners or sponsors. We provide these links merely as a convenience for those who use this website.
  You agree not to register any domain name that includes the word movemarket or anything that infers it is connected to us.
  Participants shall not use the Site for unlawful activities. Any Job or aspect of a Transaction carried out, or sought to be carried out unlawfully, by either transport service providers or User, is prohibited. Certain Transactions are limited by statutory or other regulations and cannot therefore be negotiated freely. It is for the Members to identify and adhere to such regulations.
  Full responsibility for compliance with all laws and regulations that relate to the transportation of hazardous and restricted goods rests with the parties to the Transaction. Anyone who sends, or causes to be sent, a prohibited or restricted item or improperly packaged hazardous material may be subject to severe regulatory, or indeed criminal penalties./td>
  11. FEES
  The Site is generally free to use; however we charge a success fee (the “Fee”) to transport service providers who have secured a Job (“successful transport providers”). A Job will be considered to be secured if after quoting, messaging or contacting the User via the Site a deposit is remitted to the site. The Fee is based upon a tiered percentage of the successful transport provider’s accepted bid price. As the site provides a service to the haulage and courier market as well as those operating public transport separate charging fee structures operate in line with the different nature of services offered by participants in the movement of goods and movements of people industries.
  The Fee applicable to transport providers in the HAULAGE sector is calculated by reference to the table below.
  Successful Bid Price (€)   Fee
  € 0.01- € 60.00 a minimum fee of € 9.00
Over € 60.00 For successful bids in excess of € 60.00 a minimum fee of € 9 plus 6% of the remaining value in excess class="ForHowitWorks" of € 60.00 is applied
  Example of fees applicable to successful hauliers/couriers::
  1. Winning bid of € 55; In this case the minimum fee of € 9.00 will apply.
  2. Winning bid of € 100; In this case the minimum fee will apply with a 6% charge being applied to the balance in excess of €60.00 e.g. € 100 - € 60 = € 40*6% = € 2.40 plus minimum € 9.00 therefore total fee of € 11.40
  The Fee applicable to transport providers in the PUBLIC TRANSPORT sector is calculated by reference to the table below.
  Successful Bid Price (€)  Fee
€ 0.01-€ 100.00 a minimum fee of €20.00
Over €100.00 For successful bids in excess of €100.00 a minimum fee of € 20 plus 6% of the remaining value in excess of € 100.00 is applied
  Example of fees applicable to successful public transport providers:
  1. Winning bid of € 75.00; In this case the minimum fee of €20.00 will apply.
  2. Winning bid of € 500.00; In this case the minimum fee will apply with a 6% charge being applied to the balance in excess of € 100.00 e.g. € 500 - € 100 = € 400*6% = € 24.00 plus minimum € 20.00 therefore total fee of €44.00
  The incurring of the Fee is independent of the actual performance of the Job. The obligation to pay the Fee therefore still applies if a Job is placed via the Site but is not subsequently carried out and/or the Transaction is later terminated. We may waive our right to receive the Fee as a gesture of goodwill; however the grant of any such waiver is entirely within our discretion and if so granted is always without accepting any legal obligation to do so. As a User, when you accept a bid, you will pay a deposit in the amount of the Fee (the “Deposit”) into our account. The balance of the fee will be exchanged directly between both the User and the transport service provider. If you are a Transport Provider you are responsible for collecting and remitting any and all VAT associated with a Transaction, nett of the success fee. Your bid amount for the Job is inclusive of VAT. You shall not submit a bid amount excluding VAT and then charge VAT on top of your bid price once your bid has been accepted. We reserve the right to waive or change the basis for the calculation of the Fee at any time. We may also temporarily change or suspend the Fee for a promotional period. Any such changes will be described on the Site.
  If a Job is cancelled either by the User or by a Successful Transport service Provider AFTER a bid was accepted but BEFORE any work on the Job commenced (a “Cancellation”) either party may seek to retrieve the Deposit or the Fee (whichever is relevant) in accordance with this clause (“Cancellations”). Users and Successful Transport Providers will negotiate directly once there has been a successful bid. Either party can make a Cancellation Request; however it should only make one once all reasonable attempts to reach an agreeable solution have been exhausted and it is clear that the Job will not be performed. You may not make a Cancellation Request until at least 7 days after the date on which the bid was originally accepted. When you make a Cancellation Request the other party to the proposed Transaction will be notified and will have 72 hours to respond by either:
  - accepting the Cancellation Request and your reason; or
  - rejecting the Cancellation Request and requesting review by our staff.
  If your Cancellation Request is accepted by the other party the accepted bid can be retracted and the Job can either be relisted or deleted. If the request is rejected by the other party, then it is sent to us for review and a decision will be made on whether to approve or not to approve the Cancellation Request. Once we have given our verdict on whether to approve the Cancellation Request we will not enter into any further correspondence - our decision is final.
  If the other party does not respond within the 72 hour grace period, your Cancellation Request and reason will automatically be accepted. Depending on the reasons for the Cancellation Request, any amounts associated with the Deposit or the Fee may be refunded at our sole discretion. We take abuse of the procedure for Cancellation Requests very seriously.
  Abuse includes submitting false or exaggerated reasons, attempting to retract accepted bids, or colluding with other Members to abuse the procedure. If a Member is found abusing or is suspected of abusing the procedure in this clause his/her Cancellation Request will automatically be denied and his/her Membership may be revoked without further notice and/or he/she may also be subject to additional fees.
  The feedback process involves leaving a rating along with a short comment about the performance of the Member. Feedback is based on a five start rating system. 5 stars meaning excellent, 3 stars meaning satisfactory and 1 star meaning very poor service experienced. Start 2 and 3 may also be used where a User believes a1 star or 3 star does not accurately reflect the service experienced. A Member’s overall feedback score is the average score of the ratings that he or she has received. As a transport service provider you acknowledge that feedback may be left on your performance following a job agreed on MoveMarket.ie. Transport Service Providers have right of reply directly to MoveMarket.ie who will on a best efforts basis liaise with both parties to validate the merits of any comments left. Users leaving feedback are asked to use common sense, good judgement, reasonable language and be mindful of potentially libellous behaviour. All users should communicate with each other in a respectful manner. Profanities are not accepted on the site and may result in a ban from further use of the site. Users may not improperly influence in any manner the feedback of a Member; nor is it permitted in any manner or by any means to leave a feedback review on your own performance.
  You are solely responsible for the information you provide to us and/or other Members in the Registration or transportation process (which shall include anything posted on the Site). The Information must be true, legal, accurate, and non-fraudulent.
  15. FRAUD
  We may suspend or terminate your Membership if it is suspected that you have engaged in fraudulent activity in connection with the Site. Members are not permitted to manipulate the bid prices for any shipment or interfere with other Members’ listings or Transactions. Bid prices submitted by transport service providers must include ANY and ALL charges, including any taxes, fees, driver subsistence expenses. If you are a transport service provider you may not subsequently add the Fee to the bid price. You agree not to cause or instruct another person or entity to engage in any conduct, acts or behaviour intended or designed to circumvent or avoid the Fee.
  During the course of your Membership we may disclose to you, or you may otherwise learn of or discover, our documents, business practices, object code, source code, management styles, day-to-day business operations, capabilities, systems, current and future strategies, marketing information, financial information, software, technologies, processes, procedures, methods and applications, or other aspects of our business. You hereby agree that any and all of this information is confidential and shall be our sole and exclusive intellectual property. Any disclosure of our information to a third party (specifically including a direct competitor) is strictly prohibited. All obligations contained herein will survive the termination of this Agreement.
  As a User of the site you undertake that you who will be involved in a Transaction have not been convicted of a crime which is related in anyway to the transportation or haulage business. Furthermore, you warrant and represent that there are currently no legal proceedings instituted against you that would prevent you from performing a Transaction to which you are a party or your obligations under the Conditions.
  Last Revised Date: 28th September, 2009

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